23: Introverts and Mindset with Adam Dunleavy

Introverts and Mindset with Adam Dunleavy

This week I chat to my husband Adam - we call a conversation we once had whilst driving, all about being an extroverted introvert, how that affects us in our work and personal life. We also discuss a book called Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck and the difference between the fixed and growth mindset. I highly recommend reading this book if you'd like to dive deeper into changing the way you think.

Things we talked about:

  • What being an introvert really means

  • Extroverted introvert and dealing with certain situations differently

  • Finding space and quiet to reset

  • Recognising when you need space away from everyone

  • Growth and fixed mindset, and the differences between the two

  • Always being open to learning new things (even if you think you can’t do something)

  • Mindset - Dr Carol Dweck

  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - Betty Edwards