22: Cultivating self-worth with Ashton Smith

Cultivating self-worth with Ashton Smith

It's time for episode 22 - this week's guest is Ashton Smith. Ashton is the creator of the Awakening membership, a platform for women to claim their self-worth and create lives they dream of. I chat to Ashton about body positivity, overcoming doubt when launching new projects, cultivating self-worth and so much more.

Things we talked about:

  • Overcoming doubt when launching new projects

  • Finding your true calling and working out what it is that you want to do through taking small steps in the right direction

  • Making the tough decision to quit a full time job to take the business full time

  • Cultivating radical confidence and self-worth

  • Evolving your business from a blog and figuring it out as you go

  • Overcoming self doubt, cultivating body confidence and paying attention to the content we consume

  • The problem with defining your worth through your work alone

  • The importance of self care and scheduling time during the day away from work

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You can find Ashton here: 

Ashton’s Instagram, The Authentic Woman Series website, Instagram