13: Side hustling with Josephine Brooks

Side hustling

In episode 13, I chat to Josephine Brooks - a productivity mentor for side hustlers. I really enjoyed my chat with Josephine - we talked about ways in which you can prioritise your workload, especially when you’re side hustling and juggling two jobs, looking after yourself and taking time out, Josephine’s 12 week plan and the benefits of batching.

Fearless Hustle Collective Episode 13 - Side hustling with Josephine Brooks #sidehustle #girlboss #femaleentrepreneur

You can find Josephine here: 
Website, Instagram and Josephine’s podcast - On the Make

Josephine’s course - Make a Plan > Make it Happen

Things we talked about: The One Thing by Gary Keller

PLANN - Instagram planning app

Ponderlily planner - I’ll be using a Ponderlily planner for 2019 too!

Book recommendation - Be a free range human by Marianne Cantwell
Guest recommendation - Kara Leigh Ford and Sammi Bennett from Rag Trade Clothing