11: Self doubt with Sas Petherick

Self doubt with Sas Petherick

In the first episode of season two, I chat to Sas Petherick - a self doubt researcher, coach and mentor. I first came across Sas when Sara Tasker mentioned that she’d been working with her. Through years of studying and research, Sas is incredibly knowledgable on the topic of self doubt, helping us to understand why it shows up for us and how we can deal with it.

If you haven’t yet, I strongly recommend that you take Sas’ Self-doubt Archetype Quiz. It’s guaranteed to give you some insight into how you deal with self-doubt and where it comes up for you. Oh, and you absolutely have to check out Sas’ podcast, Courage & Spice, too. Sas interviews a range of guests, talking so openly about the issues that we, as women, face today. There’s lots of amazing episodes to choose from, but here’s a couple of my favourites:

How to take up space with Ray Dodd

That wasn’t love: Healing after an abusive relationship with Kate O’Sullivan

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You can find Sas here: 
Instagram, Website and Self-doubt Archetype Quiz, Courage & Spice podcast

Book recommendation - Everything Under by Daisy Johnson
Guest recommendation - Gemma David - The Quiet Heart