26: Investing in your business

Investing in your business - Solo episode

It’s finally time for my first solo episode! This week, I want to chat to you about making an investment in your business, the two types of investment you can make, and the benefits of investing in experiences.

Things I talk about:

  • The two types of different investments we can make in our business

  • The fear associated with investing in your business

  • The financial truth about starting a business

  • When investment means you can save time and focus on the things you truly love

  • When investing in experiences is the stepping stone to growing your business

  • Defining your own success

  • The differences between mentoring and coaching

  • My takeaways from attending a Mastermind earlier in the year

  • The benefits of taking time out to reflect on your business, to realign and connect with your values, and ensure you’re building a business you love

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