08: Fearless beginnings with Adam Dunleavy

Fearless beginnings with my husband, Adam Dunleavy

It’s week 8 of the first series, and this week I chat to my husband, Adam Dunleavy, all about our fearless beginnings, getting the work life balance right, taking a step when you're not 100% ready and charging your worth.

I’d love to invite you to share your fearless beginnings with us using #fearlessbeginnings - I'll be sharing your stories over on Instagram. I hope you enjoy this episode. We’d love to hear from you, so please leave us a comment - we were both a little nervous recording this!

Just to let you know - Series One of the podcast will have ten episodes, and I'll be taking a short break to record new content, with the thought of launching Series Two towards the end of November.

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Anna x

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