29: Building a retail business with Hana Glover

Building a retail business

In episode 29, I chat with Hana Glover all about building a retail business the age of 18. Hana is the owner of the Bead Shop in Nottingham, where she also holds craft workshops. She’s also recently launched a new side to her business, in retail business mentoring. I can’t think of anyone else better qualified to help you with a retail business than Hana. The Bead Shop has recently celebrated the shop’s 19th birthday so she certainly has some experience to share!

Things we talked about:

  • The reality of starting a business at the age of 18

  • The financial climate and how this affected the ability to take out business loans

  • Diversifying your income, and the benefits of doing that

  • The importance of showing the face behind the brand, even for retail spaces

  • The rise of workshops and a demand for experiences

  • The benefits of having a mentor work alongside you, especially in the early days of establishing a business

You can find Hana here:

Website, Instagram

Hana also recommended a book and a guest after we finished recording, so here they are!

Books - [affiliate links]

Draw a Better Business by Cara Holland


Alex from Line and Dot Creative

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