Fearless Stories Instagram Challenge

So you’ve been putting this off for a while - Instagram stories seems like a great place to be but you don’t know what to say, you’re worried about what other people might think, and well, there’s always something more important to be doing. 

But let me tell you this - every single person I have spoken to, who has stared utilising this FREE tool, has increased their engagement on Instagram. It’s a conversation starter and a way for your audience to connect and really get to know you.

I was putting it off for ages too. I’d admire all those who talked to the camera so carelessly, making it seem like it’s no big thing. But the truth is, they would have been scared and uncomfortable to begin with too. I know I was! The first few Instagram stories I put out there required multiple retakes, and rehearsing in my head what I was going to say. And hey, it’s still like that sometimes. I’m not going to pretend - it still makes me uncomfortable sometimes, and I still sometimes have to start all over again because I sounded ‘weird’.

The Instagram Challenge

This is where this challenge comes in. I want to help you get more comfortable with creating stories that engage with your audience. It doesn’t always have to be about business - that’s the great thing about it! Stories can be a little window into your personal life. Let’s face it - people buy from people, and when you’re a small independent business, you want to make sure that your audience and potential customers can get to know you a little better. It creates trust, which in turn leads to sales. Let’s be honest with ourselves - we created a business because we are passionate about it, but we still need to pay our bills. So if trust equals more sales, let’s build that trust so that the next time a customer is considering buying or investing in something, they’re that one step closer.


So - are you in?

Over 5 days, you will receive a daily prompt to encourage you to use Stories, and most importantly, talk to the camera. I know it can feel daunting - so if one day you’re not feeling it, that’s okay. Get creative instead and use text to help you along.

You might be wondering why I want to do it in such a short time frame. It’s because I know what it’s like - you sing up to something, raring to go. You’re motivated to get going, but then you have to wait a week for another challenge or prompt, at which point you have lost your motivation and don’t fancy it. Doing it over 5 days will mean that you’ll have a chance to really get used to using Stories in this way.

The challenge starts Monday 5th November. Use hashtag #fearlessstories and tag my account @anna_dunleavy so that I can see your posts and re-share your awesomeness! 

P.S. You’ll need to confirm your subscription, so keep an eye out for an e-mail in your Inbox (or Junk folder!)

The challenge is now closed!